Release date and covers for Kingdom Cherry Blossom cookies

April 12, 2022: Let’s jump in and catch the landing: Cherry Blossom Cookie arrives on April 18th! Take a look at the best speculative cornflower cake

Recently announced during the live broadcast of DevSisters, now we know the launch date of Cookie Run: Kingdom Cherry Blossom. We’re also working on the best Cherry Blossom coverage so you can prepare for this favorite coming back, so come back to check it out next week.

When a rather innocent tweet broke out a week ago, the Cherry Blossom Cookie is here to sound this spring. This adorable gallery is already in other French games like OvenBreak, but it will soon be directed to Kingdom, making it a little easier to plan the perfect creation of Cookie Run: Kingdom Cherry Blossom covers.

On the other side of the delicious gacha game, our list of Cookie Run: Kingdom codes can prepare you for your arrival. We also have a list of Cookie Run: Kingdom levels to help him choose his list, as well as a list of Cookie Run: Kingdom PVP levels specifically designed to hide the crucial competitive advantage.

Like a radiant rose PioThe launch date for Cookie Run: Kingdom Cherry Blossom Cookie is set for April 18, 2022.

Still not much has been revealed about the character, but we just need to see his appearance in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak to decide what will bring to the game.

What is the role of the cornflower cake?

At this point, data mining and potential filters suggest it could be a defense cookie. The idea springs from his supernatural abilities, which we will discuss later.

The latest data mines suggest that Cherry Blossom Cookie’s ability will reduce its HP by about 75% in five seconds, a slow motion, and then resolve any damage it has received during the five second period to its target. If the target is a cake, then inflict triple damage, what makes it stand out as a potentially revolutionary JcJ cake.

The best cardboard race: Construction of seed flower coverings of the kingdom

Until we know exactly how it works, we still can not give a better version of the cornflower cake covers. What is undoubtedly interesting is that if it is a defense set with an ability to reduce your HP to the maximum and return any damage you receive, the traditional additions of defense such as Max HP and damage reduction will actually prevent it. .

Max HP will technically increase your chances of supervision at that level by 25% for as long as you can, which can undoubtedly help act as an amortizer, but the addition of damage reduction will ultimately reduce the damage that makes changes. If critical damage can be inflicted with skill, CRIT-based supplements can end up standing out.

Instead, we’ll update this section with a more detailed compilation guide when Cherry Blossom arrives at Cookie Run: Kingdom.

That was all for our first look at Cherry Blossom in Cookie Run: Kingdom! While you wait for it to arrive, why not use our guide to put together the best ingredients for the drowned cake to get an idea of ​​what another wrestler is like? It’s at the top of our list of Cookie Run: Kingdom voice actors, so you can put a name aside from your favorite characters.

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