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Announced more than four years ago in an abruptly decided way at Blizzcon, a immortal devil launch date it has finally been revealed. The announcement of the release date came almost as regrettable as the game itself, but with a surprise also for players who do not have their mobile phones, Blizzard’s mobile game bet could be meant to get a big reward.

Now configured to be launched on many mobile devices such as PC (with WASD and controller support for the first time), the Diablo Immortal regression account for release date should continue to serve as an easy way to count the days before the big launch of Diablo for approx. ten years. finally arranca.

If you want to return to see the big revelation of Diablo Immortal’s release date, take a look at our VOD of the live broadcast of Diablo Immortal. And if you’re still immersed in the latest launch, here’s our Diablo 3 season 26 rewards guide to know how to unlock this season.

When is the release date for Diablo Immortal?

The day of the launch of Diablo Immortal


The official launch date for Diablo Immortal is June 2, 2022. In a regrettable twist, the title will be launched just as much on mobile devices (iOS and Android) as on PC at the same time, although the surprising launch for PC will consider a beta version open for for a while.

Without limitation, it will retain the full features of the game that crossed and saved cruises with the mobile version at present, and therefore any progress of Diablo Immortal on the PC will not be deleted when you leave this ceremonially open beta mode.

The game will be available on PC and mobile. It first launches on iOS and Android before reaching the PC. Without restrictions, players can sign up for an open beta version for PC if they are interested. Players are advised to pre-register on iOS and Android so that they can access the game as quickly as possible.

How do I sign up for Diablo Immortal first?

You can get your Diablo Immortal pre-registration by simply accessing your favorite app store. For iOS, search for the game in the App Store; and for Android, it should appear in the Google Play app store without any problems. Sign up there so the game downloads automatically when available. And if you’re not on your phone (by any means), you can clear your favorite email address on Diablo Immortal’s website with the same effect. Registering through the website will also lead you to the open beta version of Diablo Immortal PC.

If you do not have enough Diablo and you are desperately looking forward to Diablo 4, then see our Diablo 4 guide for more information on the game, it is almost certainly a temporary solution. As far as tradition goes, Diablo Immortal is found between the second and third games, but we all know it will jump to give Blizzard more time to sweep the entrance to the main series.

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