Redditor trollea a los que odian NFT harciendo NFT de sus publications anti-NFT

A Redditor has responded to the critics of NFT by adding a collection of NFT using his anti-NFT quotes.

With so many new NFT projects and new NFT games, NFTs are still quite unpopular among a large online population. Ya criticando proyectos como Bored Ape Yacht Club or descartando hablar af en criptomoneda GTA 6, the criptomoneda is unpopular in very círculos.

Entonces, en respuesta a lotos de los commentarios anti-NFT, unusuario de Reddit, knowno som Busterrullezzz creó a colection de archivos JPEG sin valor using these comments.

Redditor created a collection of NFT from people’s anti-NFT comments

As a comic book project, a Reddit user named Busterrulezzz created a collection of NFTs inspired by people’s anti-NFT comments.

Apodada «JPEG sin valor», the NFT compilation consists of 50 anti-NFT comments from other Reddit publications.

The collection contains 40 quotes that the Redditor had selected from Reddit. The best anti-NFT restantes are offered by notables including Warren Buffet, Peter Schiff and Dan Olson.

Busterrulezzz also gathered how the collection of anti-NFT publications that they created was done to entertain the crypto masses and signal their attention to the mass hatred that NFT technology often receives. They said:

I wanted to entertain my fellow cryptomonedas enthusiasts while the escépticos and those who hated me triumphed over our supposed collapse. Something to document the pure hatred generated by this new technology that excites us all and mocks those who do not believe in blockchain.

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Colección NFT archives JPEG in valor

Created by an anonymous Redditor called Busterrulezzz, the NFT collection includes 50 satirical images of anti-NFT publications and comments, intended to be sold as NFT.

The notable quotes included in the collection include:

  • “Este castillo de naipes Ponzi se está derrumbando”.
  • «Right click -> Copy. Am I a millionaire?”
  • «¿NFT? More like NFTrash».
  • «Dale seis meses y se extinguishirá».
  • “No descargarías una arte gallery, ¿verdad?”

The collection is also divided into five categories:

  • Criminals and money laundering
  • “Everything I Don’t Like Is a Ponzi”
  • International FUDsters
  • Is he dead?!
  • Genios de los clickers derechos

The value JPEG collection is hosted on Stratos and issued at 0.003 ETH each. The creator also added that they will launch nuevos NFT que son respuestas a las cotizaciones originales si Ethereum alcanza of $5000.

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