Realm of the Mad God Exalt – Rushing Halls Tips

Tips for rented rooms


  • mbd = song defender. the mini-boss before MBC.
  • mbc = colossal marble. the boss of the lost corridors leading to the vacuum.
  • ollas = ollas chambers, non-slip callejones containing ollas that decompose to provide positions and activate troughs.
  • troom = treasure room, the room with the painful titanium that leads to the cultist’s hiding after activation.


I have never feared nexo. Of course, it’s tempting to grab it all, but it’s really not worth the penance just grabbing a good person by some boots. You can learn as much from a nexo as from a death at a fraction of the price.

See good runners. There are many videos on youtube of juncos de pasillos lost. Seeing what youtubers do in situations is good for learning what to do.


Technically, you do not need good things to run through the alleys, but it comes back much easier with a good personality and a pet. To learn, the most legendary doll with magic and magic is good.

Tramposo is the class as it is easier to understand, it is pretty much teleconferenced through all spaces, but this guide will be centered in Guerrero and applies more or less to any class that is not teleconferenced. These classes are more complicated but better dps to do MBC. Any class with a skill that speeding is very good (picked up when all the nails are running in a salon with a bardo with a snake mouth).

It is recommended to maximize your fight, but at least you need to maximize the speed. HP and defense also make it easier. Pet nerves also make life useful.


olive room

Stay on board.

These spaces are not terribly difficult to move, but they can be dangerous now that they are almost certain to suffer some damage.

If you cut only one corner of the living room, it is very easy to get stuck at the corner.

If you want to cross the whole space, you need to approach some swords. It is not a good idea to climb up the wall with your whole back, walking through the middle. I prefer to go in the same directions as the giraffe swords and fight between 2 to receive fewer blows, but also go in the opposite direction. The walkways next to the oryx rooms are safe enough places to clean if you do not pull anything, because they will not chase you if you are not activated.

empty room

Avoid paralysis and focus on the enemies. stick to the board, at least there’s a golem block

These are too annoying to suppress, the worst in my opinion. Keep all golems at a distance, especially the large golem and the orange golems so you can explore very quickly. It is generally a good idea to have them on board, but due to the inconsistent locations of the golems, you will sometimes cut through the middle to get them out when on board.

As you cut through the center, be aware of the crippling disappearances of the purple golem. Getting paralyzed in the middle of an oryx room is a very easy way to open a personal space.

limousine room


The space is easier to understand the less you pull something. These are very easy to get rid of, just follow the baby’s flow, the rats and rats are not very dangerous. Taste these spaces and clean them before you run away or at least pull something from which you will leave immediately because the father limits your range of motion a lot.



These are not a big problem to solve, but sometimes you can eat a lot of fat and lose a significant portion of your health. If you keep running, you will usually be freed from the crutch in the contiguous space. Cruises become a problem when the speed is slowed down and they are dragged to another room.

If you intervene in a marijuana room or bathroom, running the room and killing the commander is a good way to do it. You can also just make a circle and then leave the intersection in that room.

If it is seized from the MBD, it intends not to activate the commander and kill the commander. Arrange and activate the boss.

Getting one in a father’s room can be difficult, and if you spend a lot of time in father’s room, you can die. It intends to overcome the chin temptations before they are ready to escape quickly.


Se ha ido.

Occurrence is rare but very dangerous. I’m going to get it as soon as possible, but it’s very difficult to get rid of one completely. Going into a living room is the best strategy, and then rotating around the living room, avoiding every stroke to prevent you from falling back.

The exciting child is transported 3 times before it finally leaves.

Card reading

It is important to know where to go to get to your destination quickly to minimize the time you have to die.

As you enter the hallways, select the subdivision that leads to the most open space, as far as the road to the MBD. The chief’s room is a much larger room, because of course it must have more space to exist.

There will be 10 rooms between the revelation and the chief (including the MBD room) (the 2 × 2 rooms only count as 1 room), so you will usually want to go continuously to the larger area.

If there is a subdivision that is not a bump, it means that one of these directions will be towards the MBD because all the pot and trunk drums are separated directly from the main road.

This picture that did (wrong) is a pretty good summary of everything you say (there is more to look for).

The blue numbers from 1 to 10 show the main road leading to the MBC after 10 rooms (including the MBD room). There are no knobs in this picture, but if you wanted a 2 × 2 knob on the main street, it would only count as 1 room.

The 6 divisions, marked in green, are directly off the main road.


Running through the lost alleys is not a good idea if your main goal is to win and preserve the button. The safest thing is to die (at least a high chair gamer chair client is already unlocked) and will lose more buttons than that until it is very good.

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