Raven Software snatches Warzone Sniper meta changes in season 3

The goal of Warzone changes regularly, with various weapons receiving a range of benefits and nerves affecting its performance in the game. Since the game’s launch, francotir rifles have proven to be very popular thanks to their long range.

With season 3 on the horizon, many expect generalized changes in various weapons with the intention of provoking a major change in the existing metajuego.

Looks like Raven Software is listening to players’ comments. During a recent session with questions and answers, one sees significant changes in the francotiradores who are heading towards real struggle.

Warzone Nerf freighter

During a broadcast on April 5, Ted Timmins, senior creative director of Raven Software, unveiled plans for an “exchange of arms for francotiradores” for the benefit of the community. “I think we should all agree on what is needed a long time ago,” Timmins said. “The role of the Francotirador has not changed in what appears to be an eternity. I’m very happy with where we are going with it.”

Over the past few weeks, several Raven Software developers have participated in various broadcasts featuring some of the best players in the world. The idea behind certain decisions is a welcome change of complete silence during the accumulation of previous seasons.

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Start date for season 3 of Warzone Pacific

Despite the lack of official information on season 3, we can determine when next season begins thanks to the current Battlefield. According to the game’s regressive report, the battlefield in season 2 ends on April 25, meaning the new season could start on April 26 if it does not take place later.

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