Raven Software says the functional transmission mode is under development

Many Warzone content creators experiment with the transmission of freebies as they try to demonstrate their skills. Some spectators at least try to rehearse them to mark an easy death. Raven Software has implemented a dedicated transmission mode, but the feature is still open to the players involved.

With season 3 on the horizon, many expect the developer to listen to the players’ comments in addition to dealing with a number of bugs, including the disappearance of the keys.

In addition to the bug fixes, Raven Software proves the arrival of a new and improved Warzone transmission mode capable of hiding the identities of the creators of the content.

New Warzone Streamer mode

On April 5, Raven Software’s creative director, Ted Timmins, spoke about the possibility of Streamer Mode Plus popping up in a future update. So far, only a few have access to the feature, which has led some to rate its distribution as “unfair”.

“I’m very happy with the response to Streamer Mode Plus,” says Timmins. “I think we need to be transparent enough as far as we launch a small group as a beta, I do not think it’s an exclusive club.”

According to the initial comments, Timmins claims that Raven Software has “made a lot of big changes” in the process, to the great enthusiasm of those who want to access the feature.

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Warzone Streamer Mode Plus launch date

With Timmins hinting that the beta test was a success, we can expect Streamer Mode Plus to show up in the future not very slowly. As many changes are expected in the update of season 3, there is a possibility that the feature will come along with the new content.

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