Raven Software investigates Warzone weapon XP errors

The weapon classification in Warzone is very important to access the complete range of adjacent files.

With season 3 of Battle Royale in full swing, many are getting acquainted with the Nikita AVT combat rifle and the M1916 sniper rifle. One of the fastest ways to increase weapon levels is to take advantage of a dual XP event.

As the recent event was coming to an end, players noticed that certain weapons were not evolving as planned, which prevented them from unlocking adjacent files for use.

Warzone weapon XP error

The players who used the KG M40, Volk, AS44, NZ-41 and Gorenko antique rifle did not win XP weapons to score victims in the Caldera and Rebirth Island.

Unfortunately, the problem has not gone unnoticed. On May 3, Raven Software shared that it is investigating the issue affecting the players. This is undoubtedly a positive news for those who want to reach a higher level with some of the previously mentioned weapons.

Raven Software has not shared what is causing the problem, but it is interesting to note that the bug only affects one Vanguard weapon area instead of Modern Warfare or Black Ops Cold War weapons.

Although the developer never specified the cause, the May 4 update managed to resolve the issue and allowed all players to classify the four affected weapons without any issues.

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While the issues affecting weapon progression are not ideal, the impressive speed with which Raven Software delivers a solution is extremely impressive now that the developer continues to offer Warzone support. Let’s hope the bug does not affect the weapons that currently dominate the goal for season 3.

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