Raven Software introduced the revision of the Warzone Prestige system

The revision of the Prestige system following the launch of Modern Warfare in 2019 received a mixed reception from the community.

Warzone did it themselves, where players restored their levels at the start of a new season to work to get to the top rank and restore it to make it all new.

With Season 2 Reloaded in full swing, the possibilities of returning to Prestige’s classic structure disappear, and while players dominate Armaguerra 43, Raven Software has shared interesting information about the possibilities of Prestige receiving a revision.

Warzone prestige review

During a question and answer session with FaZe Clan member ‘Swagg’ and two developers from Raven Software, the Warzone star confirmed that the current system is “useless” and that “there is no reason to want to upgrade”.

In response, creative director Josh Bridge says that “the value of going up to the losing level makes sense” and that players’ frustration turns to other national characteristics, such as the disappointments of the game. Finally, Bridge confirms that it is working on “a revision” of Warzone’s Prestige system. Is the revision aimed at returning a system similar to the old Call of Duty games?

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When will the prestige of Warzone change?

It is not clear when the Warzone Prestige system will change, especially with Warzone 2 under development. There is a possibility that Raven Software may use it during the final stages of the Vanguard cycle to test it for a whole new experience, but it is likely that a complete revision will take place when you start the next chapter of Battle Royale.

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