Raven Software insinuates “multiples” of Fortune’s Keep Easter Eggs

Easter eggs often appear in the Warzone world, and players must complete a series of steps to earn rewards. Caldera and Rebirth Island are several challenges to complete with a series of exclusive weapon plans to win.

With Season 4 of Battle Royale on the horizon, players’ attention will be focused on the launch of the new Fortune’s Keep card along with Battlefield, which features 100 levels of content.

As time goes on, Raven Software’s creative director, Ted Timmins, provokes the appearance of “more” Easter eggs on the new card.

Warzone is filled with several Fortune’s Keep Easter Eggs

Following the unveiling of the new card that is likely to replace Rebirth Island, Timmins took to Twitter to answer a question about Easter eggs “too difficult and extremely rewarding” for players to attend.

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The creative director of Raven Software responds with just one word, which means there is more to an Easter egg to discover on the new card.

Following the response, Timmins also tagged High Moon Studios in another tweet, suggesting the investigation will work on Easter eggs for the new card, which launches in early season 4.

The launch of a new map will suggest a change of pace for Warzone’s history. Butcher first appeared on the Caldera during World War II, but with Fortune’s Keep set in 1976, it’s clear something happened so the character landed on another island.

The only thing we know is that there is a high probability that Fortune’s Keep contains many secrets. Once the card is launched, we will share more about all of Fortune’s Keep Easter eggs that the community discovers.

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