Raven Software backs up the sound adjustment of Warzone steps

After weeks of progress and speculation, season 3 of Warzone is officially on its way to the great enthusiasm of the players.

Along with the impending arrival of Godzilla and King as part of Operation Monarch, Raven Software describes a large number of changes made to Battle Royale in the park notes in season 3.

In addition to important nerves in a series of francotir rifles, many expected adjustments to the sound of the steps to allow players to hear any incoming resistance. Unfortunately, the changes are not included in the latest update, but the developer shares when the community can expect stronger strides in Caldera and Rebirth Island.

Warzone Footstep sound changes

Among the long list of changes announced on April 27, Raven Software says the sound adjustments for the steps have been delayed but will arrive at some point in season 3.

“We are looking to incorporate further sound enhancements into the tracks during the season as a priority,” explains the Warzone developer.

Details of the reason for the delay are not specified, but there is still positive news that the changes will come in the coming weeks. In addition, the improvements in the camera block, while not connected, are also planned to be launched at a later date.

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The sound of the footsteps is an area in the Warzone that continues to harass players on their way to the Caldera and Rebirth Island. On several occasions, players struggle to determine the location of the steps, which usually takes an early trip to the Gulag.

With a solution along the way, society will not be left with inconsistent steps for much longer. Let’s hope it does not make you make more mistakes.

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