Ranch Simulator: Consejos para principiantes y mapa grande

Guía para principiantes junto con un gran mapa de Ranch Sim (puede contener spoilers).

Consejos para principiantes

huevos to incubate

  • Las gallinas ponen huevos fertilizados at 10.00 and normal shades between 16.00 and 16.30
  • Los huevos tardan 3 days and eclosionar and pollitos.
  • Los huevos hatched at 8:00 a.m.
  • Los pollitos tardan 5 days a conversation in gallo or gallina.


Todos los animales salvajes que mata crean carne salvaje (obtienes otras carnes de los animales que crías en tu rancho, cerdo, res y pollos).

Vacas lecheras

Puede ordeñar sus vacas at 8 and again at 16.

Vendor Try to sell all the food in the hamburger restaurant (across the street from the car dealership). Enter the back door and you’ll see a menu board with today’s specials and a price multiplier. Try to sell special items to get the best money

Wagon de carne de cazadores (not needed as much now (because of coolers), but at the beginning of the game it helps a lot)

You can add extra storage to UTV…

Begin by adding planks to the outer edges of the shelf, the front of the plank going over the front bar of the shelf…

Then add panels in the central section…

Terminas con un gran carro de carne.

Acarreando el camión de caja

Large Map of Ranch Sim (Clean)

Below is an enlarged image of the playing card. No further markings on the map.

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