Rainbow Six: Vegas – Tips and Tricks to Get Started

Before you play the game Rainbow Six: Vegas, you definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any advice, feel free to share it with us!

Things to know before playing

  • The key to team-based strategic shooting games is simple … they are the seven P’s! Adequate preparation and planning avoids poor performance. The first mistake that can occur is anticipated in any home without a plan or strategy. For the vast majority of games, time is on your side, so be careful.
  • Most of the weapons are very well rounded. Without restraint, in my experience, I would always keep at least one fighting rifle and then everything else with what you wanted to play (depending on your playing style). No embargo, do not take a revolver, because you can do it yourself with a combat rifle and a good visor, and you do not have to set aside a line of weapons.
  • 6x the visor is your friend.
  • Play with a friend. More fun!
  • The shutters only have enough ammunition to clear the level twice. They are accurate enough to kill enemies with a single shot or disappearance in the air, and useful for reaching an area of ​​lead to keep the terrorists hidden away from things.
  • SCAR CQC with silencer and hunting visor is an incredible francer and multipropositive weapon.
  • Do not carry infrastructure loads, your NPCs have them and it would be better to serve you with shrapnel grenades, fire, detonation or humus.
  • Damp grenades are mission protectors. Launching one to an abandoned partner will give you coverage to revive it, when you run naked, you will get a Swiss cheese.

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