Radagon’s Elden Ring – Red Wolf: Tips and Strategies

El Radagon Red Wolf is one of the (almost) obligatory leaders of Elden Ring.

It’s in the Academia Raya Lucaria of Elden Ring, in the Liurnia region, and in order to build the fight against Radagon’s Lobo Rojo can be a complicated fight, everything else chosen to summon.

We recommend that you use this technique to face the red wolf of Radagon, after all if you do not want to advance, otherwise you will not be able to continue an important part of the story. Invite other players or use one of the invites to help you.

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How to Prepare for Radagon’s Red Wolf Fight

There’s not much to prepare for the Radagon Red Wolf fight, really. The boss is believed to use magic attacks and fire attacks with a sword. For this reason you should prioritize armors that have high magic defense for reasons of physical defense.

On the other hand, after charging all Viales to face the Red Wolf of Radagon, you must run or infiltrate to avoid the escape of all enemies to those you find from the nearest Grace.

Elden Ring is here! We have a guide for students to help you on your journey through the intermediate worlds. From now on, you will be interested to know what is the best initial class that best suits your playstyle, what is the best initial item to choose and we will help you discover the best weapons from the beginning of the game and the best weapons and easily transportable equipment.

Once you’re familiar with the game we’ll have a full walkthrough with all the steps to get to the final, a review of all grace locations plus a list of all required finalists and a guide on how to follow all the finals.

For the side missions to continue, we have the direction of Ranni’s mission, Fia’s mission and Irina’s mission.

Tips for Lobo Rojo by Radagon: How to come to Lobo Rojo by Radagon

It’s a fast and fierce battle, against one of the toughest enemies in the game. Radagon’s red wolf jumps and charges across the field at full speed, but thankfully doesn’t have a wide variety of attacks. .

The main attack he will use is to put a sword in his mouth and charge it at you with two large bars. Luckily, they’re relatively easy to avoid, or even block with high stamina. The only possible variant is a ground attack right after, which will lead to the end of the two tribunals. You will need to move backwards or forwards to avoid this attack.

Another attack you can do is turn in a big circle with the sword. If you don’t get hit by a hit, if you have a shield, we recommend blocking it, so you can only hit once with the turn.

After Radagon’s Red Wolf can perform another magic attack, line up three swords in a horizontal line. It will stay in the air for a few seconds before launching for you. It’s easy to avoid jumping to the same side multiple times, but you have to be careful because the wolf can move and get close to you all the time, so you’ll want to keep as many wolf as you have swords on screen.

It’s unclear exactly what Radagon’s Red Wolf is up to, but it seems Sangrado’s damage works particularly well. In our experience, a sword with a Sangrado Based War Raids Under Wolf Life At All Speeds so if you could go see a Grace to equip it with a Blood attack.

Here you can see the full battle:

Rewards for visiting Radagon’s Lobo Rojo

When the Red Wolf of Radagon caiga you will get 10,500 Runas, which will surely give you a level, in addition to a memory stonewhich increases the amount of Eggs for Hechizos you can equip.

Once the red wolf of Radagon has fallen, it’s time to continue on your way to converting to Lord of Elden. No embargo, it didn’t end with Academia Raya Lucaria, now you will have to beat Rennala, Queen of the Llena Moon further in the highest tower first.

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