Race Driver: GRID – Tips and tricks to get started

Before you play the game Race Driver: GRID, you definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any advice, please share it with us!

Things to know before playing

  • Always submit new races until you can pay for one of the best cars for that event. You wouldn’t think it would mark a significant difference, but it will, especially when you have a team like Ravenswest competing.
  • Do not participate in pilot events running for another team, at least for Le Mans, because you can not pay for a car to participate. You will make money and fame by driving much faster for yourself.
  • Talk about Le Mans, join in and do well. Get some extremely valuable sponsors. Remember, the race is very, very long, so you do not have to be in the first place all the way, or you can pick it up. You compete in class so the cars against those that should exceed will not significantly exceed your performance.
  • Conquer one region at a time, at least you can not support a career you have to win. Once again up to level with open races and very well paid sponsors.
  • IA is extraordinarily ready to close the road, and in almost every race there is no penalty for doing so. Do not cross yourself between an IA car and its chosen line, otherwise it will cross and give you back. Speaking of collisions, in the Touge race they approach another car and then they are required to board. You will receive a large time penalty, which allows you to take the rest of the race with care and win on time. This is especially useful in East-meets-West Viper vs. Honda or someone disappointed because the Viper is just as heavy as the worm.
  • Try driving your cars to get an idea of ​​how you will react to the selected control configuration. It is possible that cars may not be realistic, but they need to be consistent, so learning to drive a car once will generally prepare it for future careers.
  • It needs to be kept out of the way of IA because it will stare at its madness and of course send it a million miles an hour at any given time. This also applies to your velvet companion / responder.
  • The elastic bands in IA are small, but in reality they can build up an advantage, they are strong enough to eat some bugs like the first pilot and lose no more than some drilling space.
  • Of course, you need to have a good teammate, because there are many races that are targeted by the team, and you will not win, even if you get all the first places, if Ravenwest always gets the second and third place.
  • Always have Le Mans. If you can not allow a car, then drive the other team. Reputation and money earned are exceptionally helpful.
  • Intended to have the nicest car that you can use in a race. Really, really makes the difference.
  • You can not have different sponsors in your car and your teammate’s car, so carefully consider whether it makes sense to have sponsors who require, for example, a first place, because only one of you gets it.
  • Be careful when using your Instant Replay to download enough to avoid blocking. When starting from an earlier point in time, I do not think one can get back to that point with a later use of Instant Replay.
  • Physics is not realistic, but largely consistent. The good thing is that you can learn to drive a car and do good things with them. The bad thing is that you do not get along well with those who expect to behave like the cars of truth.

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