R-Type Final 2: first release of the keyboard buttons

Buttons to access the menu.

Keyboard buttons


  • Spacebar: to confirm.
  • Q – to cancel.
  • Or – to skip the cinematic introduction.
  • Enter – to save changes.

Recommended fast video configuration

  • Establish the view in full screen (the predetermined value is without limits that can be retrieved).
  • Apague Vsync.
  • Establish the desired FPS.
  • Configure the game to display the keyboard buttons.

Technical problems / alternative solutions from version 1.0.1

To configure the keyboard controls, navigate to them with the keyboard. If you hold the mouse over them, you can release them and not allow them to move down to other buttons

If you are assigned a password or name issue screen where Q does not work, enter a white entry and then click Intro. Then I should be able to go back with Q.

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