[Pushing child flames]Hana Kimura’s mom, closing warning to those that don’t cease slander

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[Worst situation]Fans of “Oshi no Ko” began a considerable amount of slander in opposition to Hana Kimura’s mom, what is that this?

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Favorite child Kyoko Kimura Slander, warning, flames, Hana Kimura related images-02
My Favorite Child Kyoko Kimura Slander Warning Burning Hana Kimura related images-03
Favorite child Kyoko Kimura Slander, warning, fire, Hana Kimura related images-04
My Favorite Child Kyoko Kimura Slander Warning Burning Hana Kimura related images-05

If all of the individuals who slander and slander throw away are hurting, yeah

Are believers nonetheless slandering?

Isn’t there an announcement from the creator and the anime official to cease slandering?

maintain doing it
It’s all about individuals who do not perceive what is going on on with slander

Kimura All the otaku who ship slanderous messages to my mom ought to be disclosed.

Oooh, it is the Disclosure Festival

Are you going to make an arrestee out of an otaku?

I really need you to do your finest

Are you continue to hitting?
I’m shocked
Yaruo Gym Sitting Expressionless

Aggressive otaku ought to take a chilly tub and relax
Husband who doesn't do it, arms folded, sweat

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