Purchaser “Is it an unopened iPhone 13?! I will buy it for 100,000 yen!

Buying an “unopened” iPhone 13 for 100,000 yen What is a new fraudulent trick that also uses “black objects” and “reduction of plastic waste”?

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When I bought it as an unopened new product for 100,000 yen, what was inside was a “weight”.

Unopened new products are sold at a particularly high price, even if they are new.

for that reason,Unable to open and check contentsNoda.

In addition, it is said that there are circumstances specific to the latest model iPhone13.

If you search for “unopened seal” on an auction site on the Internet, only the seal will be exhibited.

Fake iPhones brought into the store also had these stickers on them.

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Even if it’s an unopened item, I feel like it was treated as a used item by an antique dealer, so I think it’s normal to disregard the contents.

↑ When I went to sell unopened items at Janpara before, I got paid immediately after showing my ID without checking the contents and signing the documents, and it was only about 2 minutes during that time.

It smells bad when you buy a new product that has not been opened.

I have a question, but does the buyer not check the ID?
I don’t think there are many people in Japan who go so far as to forge driver’s licenses.

It is an evolutionary system of unopened resale.

Why are unopened seals sold on the market?
It wouldn’t make sense if anyone could buy it

Makai iPhone or…
People who buy SIM-free online may also have this pattern…

I know you don’t want to open unopened items because they’re expensive.
I never thought that an unopened sticker that looks like an unopened product is being sold online…
Yaruo PC Surprise Sweat

The person’s address and phone number were left at the store, but it seems that he didn’t live there and couldn’t connect to the phone.
I want you to catch me soon
Husband who does not do angry trembling

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