PUBG Mobile surpasses Fortnite in recording for the first time on iOS

During Black Friday week, the shooter off Tencent, PUBG mobileled to a 166% increase in sales over the past week, translating from $ 4.5 million to an estimated $ 12 million, according to Sensor Tower.

The market for mobile devices with outrageous benefits

This was 43% more than its direct rival, Fortnite, backed up on iOS devices in the same period. This marks a small victory for the Chinese brand shooting game ahead of the Epic Games from April this year.

If we compare the 2 games alone on the Apple platform, PUBG Mobile registered only 20% less than Fortnite last week and surpassed it in two of the seven days, November 21st and 22nd. This is the first time it has been done on the same platform.

Total, PUBG Mobile ended the week with an average of approx $ 1.7 million a day. Fortnite reported an estimated sales of $ 1.2 million a day on iOS during the same period.

As a conclusion to all this, we can determine if you are in doubt or ask yourself why Blizzard already stuck in meters in the mobile market, starting with Diablo Immortal, here you have one 12 million grounds per week to do it.

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