PUBG dramatically increases its number of concurrent users after switching to free-to-play

PUBG: Battlegrounds made the leap to the free-to-play model, and the reception on its first day was quite remarkable: it had a peak of 669,000 concurrent users on Steam. For comparison, the maximum number of concurrent players in November was 363,000. That is to say: their previous number would have practically doubled.

The last time PUBG reached a similar number of players was in February 2020, with 606,000 concurrent users.

The figure is still very fast compared to its all-time high of January 2018, with 3,236,027 players on Steam, but this is a notable increase in player numbers amid the game’s recent trend, which appears to be ending. by losing audiences.

Undoubtedly, as analyst Daniel Ahmad pointed out, the shift to free-to-play also meant that the PUBG store page on Steam racked up three more negative reviews in one day than last month. For the most part, the feedback comes from users wanting to return their money from purchasing the game now that it’s free, although there are a few quarterbacks as well.

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