“PUBG” and “Dead by Daylight” will collaborate! Players are buzzing with unexpected collaborations between popular titles

Collaboration between the popular battle royale game “PUBG” and the popular asymmetric battle game “Dead by Daylight” has been decided

Scheduled to be held in October (details unannounced)

? ? ! ? ! ! ! ? ? ? ?

What did you say? ! ? ! w

How do you collaborate?fun

too unexpected

e! what’s this! ! ! Enjoy!

e? I wonder if this will turn out to be something like an undead battle…?

You can finally defeat the killer, okay?

I wonder if I’ll play PUBG after a long time

I don’t understand anymore w

I don’t know about PUBG, but DbD seems to increase BP by adding skins or adding objects on the map.

Will FPS really start in Dedova?

A story like Lawson and Family Mart teaming up to compete with 7-Eleven?

The killer attacks with a frying pan (°Д°)! ?

too many mysterious collaborations

Is it true that PUBG and DbD are collaborating! What kind of content is this…! ?
Will there be a game of tag in PUBG or a shooting type killer in DbD? ?

Let’s increase the number with DbD
Husband who doesn't do it

PlayStation 4 version Dead by Daylight Ultimate Edition Official Japanese version[CERO rating “Z”]

Release date: 2022-05-12
Manufacturer: 3goo
Category: Video games
Sales Rank: 4608
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Dead by Daylight Official Japanese Version -Switch[CERO Rating “Z”]

Release date: 2019-09-26
Manufacturer: 3goo
Category: Video games
Sales Rank: 4871
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