PS5 “I can’t get it! I will raise the price!” Nintendo Switch “No plans to raise price” Xbox with higher performance than PS5 “No plan to raise price” ← This

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[Transcendence sad news]PS5, price increase …

Mr. PS5, it will end with Gachi due to the price increase … “Gaming PC is fine”

Nintendo & Microsoft: ‘No plans’ to raise Switch/Xbox prices

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Sony recently announced a price hike for the PlayStation 5, while neither Microsoft nor Nintendo seem to have any plans to revise the price so far.

Nintendo has issued a statement to the overseas media Eurogamer saying, “We have no plans to raise the wholesale price of our hardware.”

AlsoSimilarly, Microsoft said, “We are constantly evaluating our business to provide great gaming options for our fans.announced.

From now on, all companies will head into the year-end sales season, but it is highly likely that Sony will not raise prices until it is over. Industry analyst Piers Harding-Rolls sees Microsoft as an opportunity to create a “good deal” for the Xbox Series S and Xbox Game Pass.

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Fire Jim Ryan! ! ! !

Nintendo and Microsoft

A toast to MS that thinks about the gamer’s pocket situation

While saying that, the price will be raised in a few months anyway lol

I think the GamePass price hike comes first.

Are you guys going to buy a PS5 that has been raised in price even though it’s really low performance? ?

I can’t buy it after all, and it’s only the PS5 that has raised the price like this…
The Switch is the hegemonic hardware, and the Xbox is getting more popular…what will happen to the PlayStation…
yaruo cry large

Besides, I’m desperate to monopolize other companies’ software…
Husband who does not sit down tears

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