PS5, actually, there have been many new players! ? About 30% of PS5 month-to-month energetic customers “have never used PS4”

Sony claims almost 30% of energetic PS5 customers ‘by no means used PS4’


According to the article

At Sony’s monetary outcomes briefing for the third quarter of fiscal yr 2022, almost 30% of PS5’s month-to-month energetic customers (MAU) are customers who’ve by no means used PS4 earlier than.

“With the spread of PS5, we are also acquiring new users.”defined

・Sony defines MAU as “the estimated total number of unique accounts that have played games or used services on the PlayStation Network in the last month of the quarter.”

・This refers to a singular account that performed the sport, moderately than buying the sport console individually.May embody gamers creating a number of accounts to play video games from a number of areas or for relations

Sony reported its third quarter 2022 earnings, which was the all time gross sales quarter for the PS5 through the interval, promoting 7.1 million models within the three months to December 31, 2022, and transport the consoles. Emphasized that the variety of models reached 32 million models

Declaring that the lengthy battle with PS5 provide points is lastly over, “Those looking to buy a PS5 console should now find it more readily available at retailers around the world.” Says

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