PS users, reproduce the movie Jurassic Park in the game “Dreams Universe” that can make games! Quality Yabeeeeeeeeeee!

Fans recreate Jurassic Park on PS4 Dreams Universe

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You can freely create various game contents such as characters and music.PS4 “Dreams Universe”.A fan recreates the world of the movie “Jurassic Park” with this workdid.

Image related to SIE Dreams Universe Jurassic Park Perfect Reproduction-03

A level of reproducibility that is almost indistinguishable from movie scenesattracting attention as

Mr. Krenautican, the creator, publishes how to make it on his YouTube channel. All of the objects were created within Dreams Universe, and the layout was constructed with reference to the storyboard of the movie.

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too awesome

I can draw so precisely…

It is the result of technology and hard work.

Dreams Universe is a seriously crazy game.i haven’t played in a long time

Please support PSVR2! ! !

I was moved by the Jurassic Park game at the end of the video

It’s no different than a movie! Dreams
Yaruo PC Baki

Elden Ring is a good game that reproduces any kind of work.

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A game that can make games “Dreams Universe” seems to be facing a sad problem… please help me (´;ω;`)

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