PS Studio general manager “Sony’s PC version first title will be at least one year apart”

Sony says its PlayStation games won’t release on PC for “at least a year”


According to the article

PlayStation Studios general manager Hermann Hulst has revealed that it will be “at least a year” before Sony’s first-party games hit the PC.But the live service game may launch on PC sooner

“Releasing one first-party AAA title for PC doesn’t necessarily mean that every game out there will be for PC.”It has said

・Mr. Hulst said in a video interview“For the team, it’s really great to see their great work coming to PC. Going forward, excluding live service games, both PlayStation and PC will have a gap of at least a year or more. think”said

In the case of live services, it may be possible to play on PC and PlayStation platforms when the service starts.

Earlier this year, Sony announced plans to release 10 live service games by the fiscal year ending March 2026.

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