PS Plus, which has just been renewed, has already released titles that are not covered by the flat-rate service…

Software that will not be available for PS+ in July

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Although “PlayStation Plus” was just renewed in June, there are two titles that are not covered by the flat-rate service in July.Overseas site Eurogamer reports.

According to the PS store, PS4 “Shadow Warrior 3” will be excluded on July 5th, and PS3 “Syberia” will be excluded on July 19th.

“Shadow Warrior 3” will be discontinued in about four months after appearing on PS Now on March 1, 2022. This work should be missed because it is a PS4 title and extra plan subscribers can play for free. If you are playing for the purpose of clearing or controlling, you should hurry up.

Software not covered by PS+ (overseas stores)

July 5 Shadow Warrior 3
July 19 Syberia
August 31 NBA 2K22
August 31 WRC 10
September 20 Red Dead Redemption 2
October 17 Red Dead Redemption
October 17 Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

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It’s gone too soon! !

No, I can’t clear it in time…

Is it possible to clear “Shadow Warrior 3” in four hours?keep it up

Sony should definitely try to get first-party titles out on day one.Then you can do it without thinking that Sony is a greedy company.

↑ Are you going to lower the quality of the game?I’d gladly pay for quality AAA

Goodbye Shadow Warrior 3!
Why SONY! !

RDR series from September
Well, should I think that it’s better just to be notified…

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