Project Tempo is the gaming service in Amazon Nube

Amazon is one in the car of games in the cloud as Google with stadium, Nvidia with Geforce Now o Microsft with Project xCloud. The US giant of electronic commerce and computer services in the cloud has everything ready for the launch of its own gaming platform in the cloudthe one who has the name of the key of Project Tempo.

When the project went into total radio silence, the project took place several months of development y le han worth hundreds of millions of dollars to be at the height of competition. As if there could be no other way in this battle for users, Amazon is already developing its own exclusive titles for this service and we are not talking about New World, who will jump on Steam, we are talking about titles not announced which will complement perfection with its streaming platform, Twitch.

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This project is one of the largest capital investments by the company since its inception, as previously mentioned, Amazon’s intentions to lead Gaming in the Cloud are already clear. If Project Time manages to improve aspects such as reaction time ahead of its competitors could take the light ahead with its service, which is considered crucial for it to be a success or a break.

For this cometido, the giant Jeff Bezos stands for a large network of data centers rolled out around the world as part of Amazon Web Servicea collection of computer services in the cloud that will play an important role in ensuring an optimal experience for any user.

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