Princess Connect level list and practice guide: all classified characters

You will need our update Princess Connect level list if you want the opportunity to take units at the first level before the first anniversary event. The free gems are everywhere at the moment, and although it is recommended to start new for current players, we have the ultimate Princess Connect iteration method, ready to see new players with the right foot.

Princess Connect is a great and expansive automatic fighting role-playing game experience with a popular anime series on course in the heart. And as is the case with most gacha role-playing games these days, the list of levels is just as large to begin with. If you have a favorite character in the two seasons, we’ll probably have his experience in classified play going forward.

If you’re looking for a slightly more refined, high-resolution game in this genre, our Cookie Run: Kingdom level list will put you on the right track. For other anime-inspired gacha games, check out the two great consultations on our Figure Fantasy level list as well as the Nier Reincarnation level list. And for a western twist, it’s worth taking a look at Mythic Heroes.

Princess Connect Level List (May 2022)


Name of the person

S Akino, Muimi, Shizuru, Labyrista, Neneka, Saren, Hatsune, Luna, Rino
ONE Ayane, Christina, Djeeta, Jun, Kaori, Makoto, Miyako, Pecorine, Rima, Shizuru, Tsumugi, Akari, Anna, Kasumi, Kokkoro, Monika, Ninon, Rin, Uzuki, Io, Kyouka, Maho, Misato, Shiori, Yuki, June
B Eriko, Chloe, Inori, Kuuka, Rei, Ruka, Nozomi, Tamaki, Anna, Ilya, Grea, Mifuyu, Mimi, Mitsuki, Ram, Rem, Sheffy, Shinobu, Yukari, Aoi, Emilia, Kyaru, Misaki, Suzuna, Yui
C Hiyori, Kaori, Kaya, Rima, Ayumi, Yori, Arisa, Chika, Lou, Nanaka
D Chieru, Kurumi, Matsuri, Misogi, Tomo, Mahiru, Mio, Suzune

Our Princess Connect level list is based on our rating of more than 50 characters in the game, primarily focused on its basic rating of stars and attack potential. Use the list of levels to determine which grades are worth adding to your list. And if you see one on a banner that does not occupy a prominent place on the Princess Connect level list, you know you need to keep your gems.

Who is the best character in Princess Connect?

For our money, the best character in Princess Connect is Saren. With a massive HP of 42,407 and a devastating attack of 20,970, there are not many characters in the game that are consistently strong in all fields.

Similarly, S. Saren, the veraniega variant, is even more powerful. In Japan, it has not been available in the gacha rounds since February 2020, so it is likely that its global debut will cause a slight change in the metal. There are not many attackers in the game who are better than Saren.

How do I get more Princess Connect characters?

As with any gacha game, the main medium is to unlock new Princess Connect devices through gacha features, with select members giving you access to the game’s extensive playlist in exchange for any game you pay or find in the game.

When you finish the tutorials, you will receive a single free shot that guarantees you get a decent introductory grade. From now on, depending on whether you get the necessary tools to make additional extracts to the extent that new characters appear, occupy at least a prominent place on the list of levels.

Some characters will unite your group throughout the story, but for the most part you will play to unlock the ability to add first-level units to your squadrons. And if you do not know it directly, there is still the possibility of gradually accumulating enough fragments of memory to recruit or strengthen other people.

How to get back to Princess Connect?

  • Enter Princess Connect as a guest
  • Play the tutorial missions until you get your first shot. It will not take much time!
  • Keep playing the campaign and get promotional gems from your blog until you have enough for more extracts.
  • Take your pictures and make a note of where each character is on the Princess Connect level list
  • If the results are not satisfactory, use your phone’s configuration to clear the game’s cache (but not the data) to clear your password
  • Create a new guest account and come back to try it
  • Get the account on social networks or Game Center when you are happy with the results.

If your gacha twists do not work as planned, you can always delete your account and start over using the Princess Connect reset method.

Generally, the expectation is that a gacha game gives a lot of free shots in the beginning, so you can ignore the luck and shoot until you get something high on the Princess Connect level list. In reality, without embargo, it is not always that simple. Some games do not have a single premium currency since the beginning, which makes the repetitions slower and more frustrating.

In Princess Connect, at least, this is not so difficult during the event of the first anniversary and the second season of anime. You can get up to ten shots for free from the beginning. And once the big download has been removed, it’s pretty easy to repeat.

That’s all for our Princess Connect level list! We have reviewed all the available characters in the game, as well as how to get them. After all, it’s a game of gacha, so it’s going to take a lot of effort before your starting list reaches the higher levels. There is without a doubt a rewarding and profound role-playing game that leaves a lot for fans to enjoy.

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