“Pretty Cure” introduced that it’s going to lastly produce a late-night anime for adults! ! And two works!

“Pretty Cure” determined to supply two new animations for adults Character progress “Yes! Pretty Cure 5” broadcast in October “Magic Pretty Cure! ]Sequel to be broadcast late at night time in 2024 Japan Top News

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Toei Animation on the 14th,Produced two new animations for adults within the TV animation “Pretty Cure” collectionintroduced that it’s going to

The first is “Yes! Pretty Cure 5” and “Yes! Pretty Cure 5GoGo! ‘Kibo no Chikara-Otona PreCure ’23-‘ depicts the expansion of the women, centering on the principle character, Nozomi Yumehara.will probably be broadcast on NHK E Tele from October 2023.

The second is “Magical Pretty Cure! Sequel to “Witch Pretty Cure!” 2 (provisional)”will be broadcast in 2024 on ABC TV / TV Asahi’s late-night animation frame “ANiMAZiNG!!!” (each Saturday from 26:00).

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Precure for adults… (Gokuri

Fall too far to the darkish aspect

Isn’t it higher to simply do it as a Tay for youngsters?

“Precure is for children, but adults can enjoy it too~”
Even although Kimoota was desperately excuses like
It was made for Kimoota from the start.

Why did it instantly develop into weak man content material?

Pretty Cure’s gross sales have been declining for a very long time, and I’m wondering if Bandai has a way of disaster

I see, so that is why “misinterpretation” is on the trending thesaurus… Historically, Pretty Cure was a choice worthy of crossing the Rubicon, so I do not know what kind it can take.

The story modifications relying on whether or not it’s for grownup males or grownup ladies

I’m so excited 🤗
china precure airp
Wait for the service scene

Do it within the first era

“Pretty Cure 5GoGo” or “Magical Pretty Cure”
Even if they are saying they will do a sequel, I do not know when it can air.
I do know it is the primary era
Pretty Cure Late Night Anime related images-03

what route will you are taking
Husband who does not think

[Limited to ]Futari wa Pretty Cure ~twentieth LEGENDARY BOX~ (Original advantages: “Acrylic stand”, “Special audio bonus”, “Full volume purchase bonus: Character fine graph exchange serial code with No.”) (Manufacturer bonus: “Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart raw film” included) (Original specification supply field goal (with pamphlet))[Blu-ray]

Release date: 2023-06-28
Manufacturer: Happinet
Category: DVD
Sales Rank: 397

[ Exclusive]Futari wa Pretty Cure MaxHeart ~twentieth LEGENDARY BOX~ (Original advantages: “Acrylic stand”, “Special Manufacturer: Happinet
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