Possible Modern Warfare 2 filtered jugability

Despite the lack of official information, enthusiasm for the launch of Modern Warfare 2 is starting to grow. Given that players are losing interest in Vanguard, the attention in the 2019 Modern Warfare sequel is huge.

With various filters and rumors about the return of Last Stand and many classic maps appearing as DLC throughout its cycle, many are beginning to wonder when we will see Modern Warfare 2 in action.

While the community waits, a filter showing unpublished images may have shown the Modern Warfare 2 game for the first time.

Modern Warfare 2 Judgment Escape

On March 31, Twitter user ‘CoDPerseus_’ posted a video showing a model of a player disarming a weapon and throwing it under the cover of a car without stopping. Seconds later, the snail model disappeared from its hiding place before receiving a bullet and falling to the ground.

The video captured quickly and fans asked if the images were legitimate. In response to the video, ‘remarkable filter’RalphsVálvula‘explained the origin of the video. “This is not a recording of Modern Warfare II,” says the filter. “This is an animation test by Lukasz Wenc, a senior animator from Infinity Ward.”

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When to sell Modern Warfare 2?

At the time of writing (April 1), no official launch date has emerged for Modern Warfare 2. Early rumors suggest a launch date in October with the intention of slowing the pace of Vanguard’s low sales figures. With the expected launch of the game almost six months away, there are many chances that the official teasers will soon start popping up.

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