“Pokemon SV” This time’s rival, Nemo-san, was found to be a hunter-hunter Hisoka-type battle mad girl, and all trainers were astonished wwwwww

“Pokemon SV” Mr. Nemo in the rival frame this time


Before the release, it was officially explained that he likes battle,
Turned out to be more battle junkie than expected after release

・At the very beginning, he tries to hit the main character who just got a buddy.
・I’m a little scared of how you praise me when I hit a weakness
(Reference: The gentle rival of the previous work)


・Waiting for the hero’s talent to mature
・If you encounter the hero who is tired after the gym battle, you will have a battle without saying yes or no (if you are restrained, you will wait for recovery)
・In the first place, the champion class of the second round of the gym tour (already won once)
・Student council president at a school full of Pokémon trainers
・The enemy organization this time is insanely scared.
・ I’m bored, so I’m a trainer around here Tsujigiri



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