Pokemon ready for the Pokemon new announcement occasion, cannot settle for the inconvenient actuality and make outrageous remarks wwwww

“Even although Daipari make-up hasn’t come but
It’s too early for the BW remake.”

I laughed once I noticed somebody saying
do not faux it did not occur

※Daipari make-up


Pokemon Brilliant Diamond -Switch
4.3 out of 5 stars

Pokemon Shining Pearl -Switch
4.3 out of 5 stars

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Oh yeah, it is known as Legends Arceus
You have an incredible remake

Regardless of the content material, it was tousled with bugs and have become an industrial waste…

↑ Because it is a BDSP (Buggy Special)
Well, it is not mistaken…

Isn’t {that a} energy professional collaboration?

In reality, it is an HD remaster, so it is true that there will not be a remake.

do not faux it occurred

Since Gefre’s Daipari make-up has not come
Next is Gaefuri’s Daipari make-up so as.


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