“Pokémon Presents” will be broadcast from 22:00 on August 3rd! ! New information on the latest series “Pokémon Scarlet Violet” released! !

from Twitter

“Pokémon Presents” will be broadcast from 22:00 on August 3rd.

About 20 minutes of video, the latest information on the latest series “Pocket Monster Scarlet Violet” will be released.

oh oh oh oh

Here we come

thank you

There seems to be an announcement of a battle system following Daima, and the name of the region

Since the reservation start date is approaching, I thought that new information would come soon!fun

Will there be a new system following Mega Evolution, Z-Move, and Dynamax?

Will there be a new Poke Yuna character for September?

I can’t give up on Pokemon Sleep…!

Please give me a job offer! ! !

This week is Eevee’s turn on Anipoke, and a new evolution is coming… maybe?

i’m getting excited

There may be new dymax elements in SV, and I’m too worried about various things!

Nyaoha, don’t stand…
Husband who does not do nenbutsu namu

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