Pokémon Legends: Arceus – Petition 21: What is Mr. Mime on his hands?

How to complete Petition 21: What does Mr. Mime do in his hands? in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

What’s in Mr. Mime’s hands? is one of the petitions you will need to complete in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

You’ll unlock it fairly early in the story, but you can only complete it if you’ve already captured Mr. Mime and completed Petition 14: ¡Baya truco tan bueno!.

You will have to speak again with Néctor, who will thank you for the Bayas Aranja, but there will be a new Petition linked to a Mr. Mime who is causing chaos.

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How to complete petition 21 ‘What does Mr. Mime do in our hands?’ in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

To unlock Petition 21, you will first need to have a Mr. Mime (you can find him in Pradera Obsidiana, as you can try in our Pokédex) and have completed Petition 14: ¡Baya truco tan bueno!.

This petition is received from the office of Professor Lavender’s office. Sal de la Sede Galaxia and look for Néctor.

You’ll find it outside, near a small bridge on the right. If you start the mission as an active, you will have time, since you will have to move for each Villa Jubilee. The first thing will be to thank you for your Bayas, but then I will explain your problem.

Néctor observed a Mr. Mime who must have hidden agendas and want who picks him up. You will see the creation between different houses nothing more to start with, but if you try to move forward you will see that there is an invisible wall. From the back to the houses on the right to find an alternate path on its back.

Then you will need to follow Nector to the next mimo monitor location. Go to the marker to the right of the Galaxy chair and talk about something new with Nector. Although Mr. I think it’s close, the area is covered with invisible barriers.

See the other side of the building to access its rear. You will have to give a few turns, but the key is that for the central part of the building, you will have to be able to move to the side of the stone wall of the quarry. Once between the rocks, it’s pretty much a straight line to Mr. Mime.

As it is a video game, the rule of 3 applies and then you have to find a new one. Talk to Néctor again at the entrance to Villa Jubileo. Although it seems closer than ever, there will be a very intriguing path ahead.

Alinéate de cara a Mr. Mime with the two trees on your right. Take a diagonal path to the second tree, leaving the first tree at your crossroads, and you should be able to approach Mr. Mime without too much trouble.

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Recompensa de Qué se trae M. Mime between the hands?

After you capture the menace, you’ll find out that in reality Mr. Mime is a friend of one of the guards and is careful not to enter any other rescued Pokemon in the Villa. Nector ends up feeling a little bad about the situation.

In any case, you will receive a reward for the help. Nector will give you Defensive Ranks, items that will allow you to improve your Pokemon’s defensive stats while you’re in battle.

They are very useful if you have problems with an Alfa, so you should keep them.

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