Pokémon GO Tapu Bulu Debt and best counters

April 11, 2022: It is confirmed that Tapu Bulu will be launched tomorrow, April 12th. Learn everything you need to know to attack Tapu Bulu’s abilities and cultivate this new legendary Pokémon in the future.

If you want to collect the four legendary Pokémon from Alola in Pokémon GO, then you would like to know Tapu Bulus debt ahead of time. This Planta / Hada dual-type Pokémon is not easy to convince, so you need to set up your type counters and better moves if you want to be able to catch it.

As a hidden Pokémon, our Tapu Bulu debate guide and the best Pokémon counter manual will help you choose a team equipped to win the game. We will also take a speculative look at what could have been the set of potential events in Tapu Bulu as we look forward to the launch of the legendary in several intrusions ahead of the year.

In the meantime, check out our Tapu Koko Debt Guide, which is already available to try and catch it. We also take a look at the Pokémon GO adventure season, with details on appearances, surveys, events and more. It will help you grow until the rest of the legendary taboos come into play.

What is the best weakness of Pokémon GO Tapu Bulu?

4x impairments

2x impairments

fire, come Volador, ice, steel

The best way to explore Tapu Bulu’s weakness is to take Veneno and Fire Pokémon into battle.

Tapu Bulu is a hada / double plant type Pokémon, which gives it some obvious weaknesses ahead of other types. You will primarily use Veneno and Fire type moves (preferably with matching Pokémon for that STAB bonus), to hit the 4x ability of Tapu Bulu for both. Flying, Ice and Steel will also work, but will be limited to a 2x damage multiplier.

Clearly, Tapu Bulu has many more weaknesses of this kind than most legendary Pokémon. It had to be made to turn it around, and finally catch it, it was a little easier.

Pokémon GO Tapu Bulu – The best Pokémon counters


fast movement

loaded movement

rosarade Veneno Bay Plumbing bomb
Mamosvin bar buffet avalanche
Charizard Called Exhaustion from an explosion
Gengar Lamer The ball of darkness
Muk Veneno Bay Get rid of success
Magmortar Called Psychic

See the table above to see some Pokémon that are specially prepared to counter Tapu Bulu. We have chosen enough Pokémon to come for obvious reasons, due to the increased efficiency that is worth the blame.

Roserade is a common feature among the counters of the legendary Pokémon Tapu, so we highly recommend that you recommend one to your team. Enter one now and you will thank it when Tapu Bulu arrives on the networks. You can also use Pokémon in Fire, Flying, Ice and Steel, but Veneno is the one that will obviously be the most effective in this case.

Can Tapu Bulu be ingenious in Pokémon GO?

At the time of writing this article, it does not appear to show an ingenious version of Tapu Bulu in the raids. The only Pokémon Tapu currently in circulation is Tapu Koko, but there is no shiny variant. It could probably well change in the future once the four variants have made their appearance. Let’s wait and see!

What features does Tapu Bulu use in Pokémon GO?

rapid movements

Loaded movements

Hoja de afeitar Nudo de hierba
Charm lunar explosion

If Tapu Bulu is not in Pokémon GO yet, we can decide which features he is likely to use. We have extracted these bases on the possibilities of other grass and fat types to give you an idea of ​​what to expect.

By the way, when we have a better idea of ​​exactly what Tapu Bulu movements will be about you, we will update the previous image.

It’s all for our eyes on any Tapu Bulu weakness and possible countermeasures in Pokémon GO. Review these key details now so you are ready when the legendary eventual arrives in further whim. In the meantime, take a look at our Team GO Rocket leaders Arlo, Cliff and Sierra counters to move on to the conquest of Shadow Lugia!

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