Pokémon GO reaches 2,500 million in revenue

The girls of Sensor tower brings a new and interesting news about, Pokémon GO, which three months from its three-year anniversary has just surpassed yet another big cat in circulation. Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data reveals that Niantic’s game, the most exciting mobile game in the Pokémon series, has accumulated a few revenue estimated at $ 2,500 million since its launch on July 7, 2017.

Pokémon GO continues to generate $ 2.3 million daily

That’s an additional $ 700 million, adding to the 1,800 that the game had lost on its second anniversary last July, with an average of nearly $ 78 million monthly lost since then.

These costs have risen at a faster pace than last year. According to Sensor Tower estimates, Pokémon GO raised nearly $ 205 million during the first quarter of 2019on average one 2.3 million daily dollarswhich is expected to be an average increase of 40% over the nearly $ 147 million generated during the first quarter of 2009. Speaking of daily expenses, the sum of $ 2,500 million is the average daily cost of Pokémon GO since its launch for almost $ 4 million.

Who makes more money on Pokémon GO?

  • United States → $ 875 million → 35% of revenue.
  • Japan → $ 725 million → 29% of revenue.
  • Germany → $ 150 million → 6% of revenue.

With no cost-per-download limit, Japan is clearly the leader with an average of $ 42, compared to just $ 9.50 in the United States.

Pokémon GO was the world number 7 mobile game for its revenue last month, with over $ 67 million lost. This represents a 6% increase over the $ 63 million in March 2018.

Clarify that when I talk about revenue, I am referring to gross revenue, as Sensor Tower refers to the players’ expenses and not to the net revenue earned with the game.

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