Pokémon Go – Gen 6: launch date for the sixth generation and all Pokémon X and Y creatures in the Kalos region

The 6th generation promises to bring 72 new Pokémon to capture in Pokemon Go.

It’s quite different from the smaller Pokemon generation that arrived in Pokemon Go: Gen 2 brings 100 new Pokemon, Gen 3 introduces 130, Gen 4 features 107 Pokemon and Gen 5 is the one that was incorporated with 156 new Pokemon.

Generation Six came with the launch of Pokémon X and Y, which is the sixth mainline installment (excluding remakes and special editions) of the Pokémon series. Like Gen 5, this generation is focused on original creations, so there are no new Pokemon creations or new evolutions for Pokemon from previous generations.

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Pokémon Go – All Gen 6 Pokémon are available in Pokémon Go

Generation 6 came to Pokémon Go in December 2020 as part of Station Fiestas, one of the new features of the Go Beyond update, which included an increased level cap and changes to the Go Combat League .

Go Beyond update teaser.

Here are the Gen 6 Pokémon available in Pokémon Go:

February 2022 (3 Pokémon will arrive):

Here are all of the Generation Sexta Pokemon coming to Go in February 2022:

January 2022 (2 Pokémon will arrive):

Here are all the Sexta Generation Pokemon coming to Go in January 2022:

December 2021 (2 Pokémon will arrive):

Here are all the Generation Seven Pokémon coming to Go in December 2021:

No. Pokemon Types and methods of evolution and beginning
712 Bergmite

713 Avalug

Bergmite Evolution (using 50 Caramelos)
Debuts as part of the Pokémon Go 2021 Festival event

November 2021 (1 Pokémon has arrived):

Here are all the Generation Seven Pokémon coming to Go in November 2021:

October 2021 (4 Pokémon will be available):

Here are all the Generation Seven Pokemon coming to Go in October 2021:

September 2021 (4 Pokémon will arrive):

Here are all the Generation Seven Pokémon coming to Go in September 2021:

May 2021 (8 Pokémon will arrive):

Here are all the Generation Seven Pokémon coming to Go in May 2021:

April 2021 (6 Pokémon will be received):

Here are all the Generation Seven Pokémon coming to Go in April 2021:

December 2020 (21 Pokémon will be available):

Everything We Know About Generation Six Pokemon

Generation Six Pokémon come from the Kalos region, which is inspired by northern France, introducing 72 new creations. Includes new legends, the traditional plant, firelighters and water, and Klefki, a Pokémon that is essentially a llavero.

Here are some curiosities about what makes the sixth generation unique:

  • Gen 6 introduces the Hada type, which was the first new Pokemon type from Siniestro and Steel to Gold and Silver. In addition to new Hada-type Pokémon, such as Spritzee, some previous Pokémon such as Marill or Jigglypuff have been converted to Pokémon with two types to increase the number of Hada-types available.
  • Sylveon, the evolutionary octave of Eevee, entered the game as part of Gen 6. In the mainline games, Eevee needed to know at least one Hada-like move and have a high friendship level to evolve Sylveon.
  • Mega evolutions and alternate forms of Absol, Mewtwo, and other Pokémon were introduced as part of this generation.
  • Gen 6 has some of the rarest methods of evolution in the entire Pokémon series. If you want to evolve Inkay in Malamar, you have to go up to level 30 y, when you start the evolution process, return it to the console. This was possible thanks to the Nintendo 3DS’ internal gyroscope, and as Nintendo’s first handheld gyroscope, it was impossible in previous generations.
  • Gen 6 is the first generation of Pokémon to not have Pure Earth or Electric type Pokémon.
  • Ideally, the sixth generation is centered on the notions of beauty, balance and harmony. Their own Legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal demonstrate this, representing the balance between life (Xerneas) and destruction (Yveltal).

Pokémon Go arrived in April! The Alola season continues and includes the Team Go Rocket Control Tome event and the Team Go Rocket Control Tome special investigation in hand.

Check out the changes to the Pokémon lineup of Chefs Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra in addition to Giovanni by April 2022!

Here we have the new Field Investigations, Community Day, and Classic Pokémon Hours.

Galar Region Gen 8 Pokémon (Sword and Shield) is here and the level cap has been raised to 50, so we recommend methods to get XP fast and help you fight with our reliable chart Pokemon Go types.

List of sixth generation Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Much like Pokémon from previous generations, like those in Gen 5, most evolutions will simply require you to give yourself a massive amount of Caramelos.

Without restriction, equivalents of the Stone of Unova and the Stone of Sinnoh of fourth and what generation are expected, that is, Pokémon that will only evolve when they hold a certain item.

We also expect some Pokemon to require the trade technique, making it easier to evolve them when trading with other players.

Here is the full list of Generation Six Pokémon:

Good luck completing the Kalos Pokédex!


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