Pokémon Go – Flabébé forms: how to get Flabébé, all its forms and how to evolve Floette and Florges

Flabebe and its evolutions (Fleet and Florges) arrived a Pokemon Go.

They are five forms of Flabébé distinct to find (the difference is in the color of its flower) and some of them are regional exclusives. For this reason, it is good to know exactly what Colors of Flabébé flowers are available in your area.

When you have captured Flabébé, you will also be interested in adding their evolution to your Pokédex. To get the final evolution, you will need to know how to evolve Floette in Florges.

On this page you will find:

How to get Flabébé in Pokémon Go

Flabébé is one of the Gen 6 Pokémon that arrived, with its Floette and Forges evolutions, on Pokémon Go in February 2022.

During the Valentine’s Day 2022 event, Flabébé only appears in safe condition.

For this reason, we recommend keeping Pokémon on your radar, so you can see its silhouette if anyone is nearby. You will have to try to capture everything you can during the 2022 Valentine’s Day event, because you will need a lot of Flabébé Caramelos to reach its final evolution.

As of this writing, it’s unclear who Flabébé’s spawn cup will be at the end of the Valentine’s Day 2022 event. , Flabébé will only appear very rarely. We recommend that you capture at least one before the event ends.

Evolutions of Flabébé: how to evolve Flabébé in Floette and Florges in Pokémon Go

Flabébé is part of an evolutionary line of three: evoluciona en Floette, which then evolved in Florges. Additionally, each of these Pokémon has five different color options in Pokémon Go which we detail below.

To evolve Flabébé into Floette, you will need 25 Flabébé Caramelos and, to evolve Florges, 100 other Flabébé Candy Caramel and in addition you will obtain 20 hearts with Floette as Companion.

Flabébé is maintained in the Hada type in its three phases. (Picture: pokemon.com)

Before beginning the process of adding Florges to your Pokédex, we recommend obtaining a Flabébé with high IV stats. As the evolution process is long, we recommend that your Florges be a strong Pokémon for raids and Battle League Go, so that its Hada type will be very useful.

When you have your ideal Flabébé, you will have to make it your Pokémon Companion. You’ll start gathering the 20 hearts you need by playing with them, dancing bayas, and taking moments among other activities.

If you give a Pokocho to your Flabébé, it will increase the number of hearts you will receive.

As with Flabébé Caramelos, we recommend using Bayas Pinia or Bayas Pinia Plateadas when trying to capture a Flabébé. This way, you will double the amount of Caramelos you receive and it will be easier for you to get the 125 Flabébé Caramelos you need.

You can also use Caramelos Raros and you can take Caramelos Flabébé for a walk with Flabébé or Floette as your companion.

The Valentine’s Day 2022 event also has a bonus of double caramels per catch, so during the event you should try to catch all the Flabébé you see. Using Bayas Pinia, the side features and event bonuses should deliver plenty of Flabébé caramelos.

Pokémon Go arrived in April! The Alola season continues and includes the Team Go Rocket Control Tome event and the Team Go Rocket Control Tome special investigation in hand.

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Here we have the new Field Investigations, Community Day, and Classic Pokémon Hours.

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Region-Exclusive Flabebe Forms in Pokémon Go

Each Flabébé can have five distinct colors in Pokémon Go, three of which are regional exclusives to certain locations around the world. This is where you are, you can capture three different forms of Flabébé in your area.

The color of the flowers of your Flabébé also determines the colors of the flowers of your future Floette and Florges, so if you want to have all the forms of all the evolutions of this Pokémon you will have to capture a lot of Flabébés.

Here are the five colors of Flabébé and the areas you can find:

Good luck capturing and evolving Flabébé!

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