Pokémon Go – Burmy: forms and evolutions, how to get to Burmy Tronco Plant, Arena and Trash, in addition to Wormadam and Mothim

Burmi is a fairly common Pokémon in Pokémon Go, which has three distinct forms and two different evolutions that depend on various conditions.

It’s like a mix between Castform, the Clamperl in Pokémon Go, and there are many forms and evolutions that can be found in a rescue state or other ways.

There are several factors to consider, so let us explain below how to get all burmy shapes in addition to how to evolve Burmy to Wormadam and Mothim.

What are the Burmy forms and the evolution of Wormadam and Mothim

There are three forms of Burmy and two different Pokemon that can evolve.

Although Burmy seems to only occupy one entry in your Pokédex like Unown or Castform. If you select it, you will be able to see how many forms have taken place among the three.

The three forms are Burmy Tronco Plant, Burmy Tronco Arena there Burmy Trunk Basura. All three spawn in a safe state depending on the type of location they encounter. In the main games, Burmy’s form changed due to where the last fight took place. You came out of a building, for example, it turned into Burmy Tronco Basura. In Pokémon Go, without restrictions, you will not be able to change its form, but it will.

The two developments are wormdam (which also has three forms) and Mothim; ambas depend on the genus Burmy. A Burmy Tronco plant will only evolve into a Wormadam Tronco plant if it is a hembra, and so on with the rest of the forms. All can evolve into Mothim if they are macho.

Three forms of Burmy are available to be safely captured. Below we give you more information on how to guide.

How to get Burmy Tronco Planta, Burmy Tronco Arena and Burmy Tronco Basura

Burmy’s three forms are entirely based on the location you are exploring. While it’s not an exact science, these are almost always where you should find each shape for what we know (thanks to Silph Road Reddit to fill some of the eggs):

burmy form where it appears
Burmy Tronco Plant Green spaces such as parks and forests
Burmy Tronco Arena Beaches and sandy areas
Burmy Trunk Basura Cities, towns and urban areas

Once a Burmy appears in the world, its form will not change. If a Burmy Tronco Basura is captured in a city, there will always be a Burmy Tronco Basura. The same with the Tronco Planta or the Tronco Arena.

Do all three forms of Burmy appear in Incursions?

In other good news for collectors, you can now take on all three forms of Burmy in 1-Star Forays. All three forms are available (Tronco Planta, Arena and Basura) and you can see who you are going to hit because you come to the gym.

1 Star Incursions are relatively common and you should be able to top them solo, so this is the best way to capture a pair of any type and get all the Wormadams as well. Take advantage of the times Burmy Raids are active!

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How to Evolve Burmy into Wormadam or Mothim

Any form of Burmy can evolve into Wormadam or Mothim, but it depends on their gender.

To evolve Burmy, use Caramelos on its own page as usual. It’ll cost you 50 Burmy Caramels, and you’ll find a helpful guide here thanks to Reddit Silph Road’s EgaTehPro.

Here you have an image adapted from the graphic of EgaTehProen the reddit of The Silph Road.

If your Burmy Tronco Plant, Arena or Basura is a hembra, it will evolve into Wormadam Plant, Arena or Basura respectively.

If your Burmy Tronco Plant, Arena, or Trash is male, it will evolve into Mothim.

There is nothing more important than sex.

In total, you will need seven Burmese if you wish to have a copy of each form. Three for the base forms, three hemlocks for Wormadam’s three evolutions, and a male to lead Mothim.

Additionally, starting in December 2019, Burmy can appear in shiny form. That is, there are seven variegated forms that occur in total.

Good luck collecting all of Burmy’s forms!

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