PlayStation Now is the most signed subscription platform in 2018

Editors seek to develop consistent and reliable earnings through game subscription services. The four major gaming subscription platforms earned $ 273 million in 2018. In the U.S., subscription services like Netflix and Spotify have been converted to the new standard, prompting editors to push subscriptions to games that offer multiple AAA titles.

Playstation Now has raised $ 143 million in 2018

Users can not only reproduce new titles at the time of launch, but instead of offering a variety of titles with content in the game, editors can generate a stream of recurring and reliable revenue.

  • Although Sony is the market leader, Xbox Pass and EA Access are still pretty close to offering new titles at the time of launch.
  • Price plays an important role (51%) when users consider purchasing a subscription.
  • Consumers save on the cost of buying games directly by spending $ 10 a month on average on a subscription.

According to SuperData, of the $ 273 million spent on subscription services on all video game platforms, 52% belong to PlayStation Now which is an authentic burrada. We continue to have the EA models, Origin Access, which between the 2, the normal and the first, is 17%. Finally, we have EA Access with 16% and 15% of Xbox Games Pass.Super data

It also tells us that subscribers spend $ 25 a month on in-game content, such as season tickets, match passes, cosmetics, and story-based content.

In addition, players who subscribe to these services spend 45% more on micropagos of complete games than players who do not use these platforms. These platforms will reach a public that is available to spend more on their hobby. On the other hand, the more casual player has a wide range of free games to enjoy, and it is more complicated to ensure that this type of audience leaves a monthly period in the games.

As a strange fact, we have the fact that users of subscription platforms prefer to invest money in skins and cosmetics by 37%. Next, we have Season Pass and Battle Pass.


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