“PlayStation Brain Death” trending on Twitter → Many people mistakenly think that it is a topic of PS5 price hike

■ Brief Summary

On August 23rd, a large-scale update of the popular online game “Final Fantasy 14 (FF14)” was delivered, and the number of players who challenged the latest boss battle increased.

A gimmick appears in which four marks of “○×□△” are given to the player in the boss battle, and each player moves in a designated place. Since this is the same as the four marks of PlayStation, it is called “PlayStation” by players.

FF14 PS5 PlayStation Brain Death Trend-related image-02

PS5 price hike announced on August 25

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On August 25th of the same day, a strategy that can easily handle prestige gimmicks among FF14 players, the so-called “Preste Brain Death” method became a hot topic.

Due to the popularity of FF14, related words are often trending on Twitter, and “PlayStation Brain Death” is also trending.

Net users who do not know FF 14 misunderstand “ Playstation brain death ” as “ word for PS5 price increase ”

Isn’t PlayStation brain death a PS5 story?

Until a while ago, I thought that the trend of PlayStation brain death was a price increase.

bad timing

Some people seem to misunderstand the trend of PlayStation brain death as death due to price increase

When I thought about PlayStation brain death, it was FF14… I thought Sony had finally gone crazy ()

The trend of PlayStation brain death law wwwFF14 or ww

Playstation brain death is in the word trend, so I thought it was a complaint about price increases, but it was a strategy for ff14

Countries where PS5 price hike and PlayStation brain death are trending at the same time

I like PlayStation brain death method

At the same time as the PS5 price hike, PlayStation brain death is too trap to enter the trend www
This is definitely misunderstood as a Sony hit word lol
Yaruo PC Boo!

I wish I could buy a PS5 with brain death… hah…
Husband who does not do it backwards cigarette counter

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