Play2Live launches beta testing of the blockchain streaming platform

Play2Live has officially announced the launch of beta testing of the blockchain streaming platform.

Play2Live is a streaming platform based on Blockchain technology

The main benefits of the project include the possibility of purchase LUC tokens directly from the platform’s website. The funds can be used to implement various revenue generation options, including donations, votes and to assign special tasks to streamers. The neural network developed by the project team will be responsible for monitoring the completion of the assigned tasks.

“We are already preparing for the launch of the beta version since the spring of 2018, when the investment campaign for the project has ended. We have over time strengthened the team and have been able to develop and implement a number of innovations not only for Play2Live itself, but for electronic sports in general. With the beginning of the public use of the project’s basic functionality, the whole world can win LUC tokens thanks to its internet channels, and you can buy tokens directly from us via our official website for the project “, commented Alexey Burdyko, CEO and founder of Play2Live.


To speed up the delivery of content from the streamer to the viewer, the creators of Play2Live have implemented CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology on the platform. It is a geographically distributed network infrastructure that enables users to optimize the delivery of real-time videos to end users. CDN increases the loading speed of video, software, games and other digital content at various system access points.

“Thanks to the in-depth computing power, uncompressed software and distributed architecture, CDN is extremely resistant to DDos attacks, which are the most common medium for pirated projects. We have been protected even more and we follow our security protocols. For example, we added our own Level Up Chain blockchain, which supports 10,000 transactions per second and cryptographic “keys.” In this way, Play2Live will be the first platform in the world to use compact devices to provide information protection to the user and guarantee the security of their I want to make sure that all this is the basic functionality of the platform and that many of the new features are not very fast, but so far we read for all the users who post their comments, so develops “commented more Vladislav Arbatov CTO on Play2Live.

Play2Live neural network

In June, the developers of the project announced the creation of a neural network to implement the functionality of the interactive tasks. Algorithms have been implemented for real-time video surveillance, complex object recognition, and video content using a neural network. Now users can assign interactive tasks to the streamers and the neural networks will be restored for completion. By voting on Play2Live through LUC Tokens, users can set the price for performing specific tasks for their favorite snakes, for example passing the game on a higher difficulty level or using only certain weapons at a certain time a suggested card (e.g., in fortnite – “eliminate 10 opponents at the factory using only firearms”).

Multidiffusion functionality

Another important component of the beta is to test the functionality of multidipers. At various stages of the launch, hundreds of streams will be connected to the platform, which will provide content for the most popular games. This feature will be used for the transmission of electronic sports tournaments.

Play2Live already has a wealth of experience in international competitions, so the company organized the games “CryptoMasters” in Minsk on February 24 and 25, 2018. It was the first major electronic sports tournament in the world in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where the winners will receive a prize equal to $ 100,000. The contests were broadcast on the MVP version of the Play2Live platform in seven languages.

About Play2Live

Currently, Play2Live is one of the most successful blockchain projects of 2018. The company managed to close hard cap to $ 30 million. Play2live strives for a single blockchain system and streaming services where users can make and spend money in more than 15 ways, which is three times more than with any of the available counterparties.

In the beta version of the platform, streamers can benefit different opportunities to monetize your contentincluding a system of donations, assignments and votes, as well as subscriptions to streams regarding LUC tokens which is available directly on the Play2Live platform. According to the project management, new updates will be announced very soon.

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