Play2Live, a unique concept for making money on your live

Play2Live is the new generation of streaming platforms for eSports players and fans

Watching and creating live games has become something more than a pastime. For many, it has become a way of life. The streaming of games and eSports has surpassed just as much in cinema as in many professional sports in relation to the global audience.

As of 2017, there are 148 million eSports fans around the world. Streaming sites like Twitch, Youtube Gaming and Huya are building a multi-million dollar industry. The total market quota is DKK 4,600 million. Without restrictions, traditional game streaming platforms do not offer their streamers and audiences sufficient potential for profit.

It’s coming now Play2Live, which presents itself as the first decentralized streaming platform for gaming and eSports enthusiasts. The service uses its own currency called Level Up Coin (LUC), something similar to bitcoins and offers a new level of interaction between streamers and spectators thanks to its Level Up Chain. Allow the audience as much as the streamers to make money and have fun. In addition, P2L offers EXCLUSIVE opportunities to earn tokens for spectators.

Thanks to peer 2 peer CDN technology, when a viewer transmits a stream, it begins to make money passively in exchange for what Play2Live now pays in the CDN (Content Delivery Network). The technology offered by P2L is even compatible with mobile phones

Play2Live is the creation of Aleksey Burdyko, founder of Game Show Media, one of the largest eSports companies in Russia, Eastern Europe and the CIS. Based on blockchain technology, Play2Live introduces a unique blend of interactive features and revenue-generating tools that are not currently available on existing streaming platforms.

“The further development of the Play2Live Levels Chain will allow us to create the ultimate solution for streamers, players and eSports fans,” Burdyko commented in the press release. “We cover all your needs and highlight the key benefits of blockchain technology such as speed, transparency, security and availability.”

Logically, the money will not be sold at all, and the LUC currency blockade starts on November 20 and lasts until November 26. The LUC sale starts on the 4th and ends on the 10th of December.


Could this system be a plausible alternative to other platforms like Twitch or Youtube? We will continue to pay attention to see how it develops.

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