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Chinese developer Hotta Studios is currently preparing an action role-playing game in the open world entitled Tower of Fantasy. As the game develops in the Unreal Engine, it is expected that this action title will be beautiful even on older mobile phones and tablets. This is what we know about this game; since Tower of Fantasy launch date how to expect the game to be played.

First, let’s just say that Tower of Fantasy will compare a lot with Genshin Impact in terms of its niche. Without hesitation, before the monolith reached its height, it was derailed by being clearly inspired by Breath of the Wild. It at least seems to take a bit of science fiction role-playing games like Xenoblade, Phantasy Star and Star Ocean.

Until the game launches, you do not have much information to get its relatively new promotional material. If you prefer to play something similar right now, the Rainbow Story codes and our Legend of Neverland level list can help.

When is the launch date for Tower Of Fantasy?

A specific launch date for Tower of Fantasy has not yet been announced, but the game is scheduled to launch sometime in 2022.

The game has been available for some time in China, but the teams behind it have announced plans to take it around the world in mid-March. Since then, we have all asked when we could correctly announce the launch date of Tower of Fantasy. Except for a director close to 2022, we actually do not know.

On what platforms is Tower Of Fantasy?

Like Genshin Impact, its closest analogue at the moment, Tower of Fantasy is launched on Android, iOS and PC. The next beta version seems to be limited to mobile platforms at the moment, but it’s probably up to the team that wants to try the game on a wide range of phones. Genshin Impact followed a similar storm in its own beta days.

Game of Thrones of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is an action role-playing game in the open world where players can explore a huge world and play as unique characters to fight enemies on the field. Players have access to all the weapons available to each character and have futuristic vehicles to help players travel. Take a look at some of the games in the trailer above.

And that’s all there is to say about the launch date of Tower of Fantasy at this point. It’s still fast, and if you can find pictures anywhere on YouTube, most Chinese games are undergoing some changes towards a global launch.

We were working on getting a lot of useful guides for the final launch, but in the meantime you can check out our Honkai Impact or Punishing Gray Raven code lists. Both can give small impulses in some similar games until then.

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