Phoenix Labs, the creator of Dauntless, is being acquired by Chinese developer Garena

According to Jesse Houston, CEO of Phoenix Labs, Garena, a Chinese company headquartered in Singapore has bought Dauntless developer for an unannounced amount.

In Houston’s words, “this change means we can continue to add even more Fearless . More Behemoths, more weapons, more features like Escalation, in short more of it all. This includes expansion to new regions and new platforms ».

To put it a little in context, Garena is the editor of games like Firefall, Heroes of Newerth, Path of Exile, Blade & Soul and other games from Southeast Asia and Taiwan. As a developer, my biggest game is Free Fire, a royal fight for mobile that has earned more than $ 1,000 million and is enjoying great popularity in India, Indonesia and Brazil.

«I’m worried that ads like this might sound disruptive (without a pun) in principle, but it bothers me to say that Fearless and Phoenix Labs has a great future and promises. This study is a family and everyone here is excited to welcome the wonderful people of Garena, ”added Jesse Houston.

Fearless is an advanced action-RPG where we usually hunt monsters known as Behemoths in a harsh world of floating islands full of danger. The game has been launched on consoles and Epic Games Store. Join a community of over 20 million players, and it’s FREE.

You have much more information about the game in the game file, which you can access from the first link in this news.

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