Pet Simulator X Easter Update – How to get Easter dolls

In a surprising turn on Sunday, an unexpected one Pet Simulator X Easter Update heart in March, trying to get a bunch of new Easter pets for the now crowded pet-testing clicker game. But the new Easter update of Pet Simulator X does not work as a standard update, which creates confusion. How to get all the Easter dolls before they disappear when the Pet Simulator X Easter update is finally done.

Next, we will briefly review how you can hold Easter pets in your hands for a limited period of time in Pet Simulator X, how to maximize your chances of finding them, and why you will catch as many as you want. able to.

For more information on one of Roblox’s most popular games, check out our Pet Simulator X price list to find out the latest pet prices: it’s a great way to make sure you do not buy it. And if you’re looking for an amazing pet, it’s worth consulting our guide on how to get the amazing magdalena in Pet Simulator X.

How do I get Easter pets in Pet Simulator X?

Unlike almost every other pet in the game, you do not get Pet Simulator X Easter pets, but eggs to try to buy with coins, coins or files in the central worlds.

When it comes to getting new Easter pets, it’s all about hunting. Like any good Easter activity, the Easter eggs from Pet Simulator X are scattered throughout the game. If you are in a place where checks, strong cash registers, cash registers, cash registers and tons of money are generated, chances are you will find an Easter egg. Once you’ve found an Easter egg, you can chat with your pets to get one of the many possible Pet Simulator X Easter pets before the event ends.

There are four different types of Easter eggs, ranging from basic eggs to the legendary Easter egg, which also has the ability to let go of a giant Easter cat.

Tips for Getting Easter Pets in Pet Simulator X

Having trouble finding Easter eggs in Pet Simulator X? It may sound silly, but here’s a way to increase your chances.

Go to the center of the new player zone to dramatically increase your chances of finding Easter eggs in Pet Simulator X. Most players spend their time in the high-level zones introduced in recent updates, leaving the zones even older or smaller vacías.

Within minutes of the launch of the event, we could try just as much green malvavisco chicken as another mascot with thousands of instant powers on a new account. That means a new account with three 1k power pets to an account with two 1b power pets. Easy.

How many Easter pets are there in Pet Simulator X?

Although we still do not have a complete list of Easter pets, Pet Simulator X park notes confirmed that 17 Easter pets will be there. There are many pets that come out of nowhere.

When does the Pet Simulator X end the Easter event?

At present, no closing date has been announced for the Pet Simulator X Easter event. Without hesitation, what we do know is that Easter dolls will not be able to get it when it ends. If you’re hoping to have a complete collection (or just hoping your price goes up further), be sure to get as many as possible before you run out.

And that’s all there is to say about the Pet Simulator X Easter event right now. There are many options for you to add more content before it’s done, but for now, check out our list of Pet Simulator X tags to get the most out of the limited time benefits.

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