Persona 4 Arena Ultimax continues to be a fantastic fighting game ahead of an online version upgrade

News of the release of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Arc System Works’ RPG-based fighting game from Atlus, was a joy for those of us who enjoyed the original, which today was quite complicated to access this title. Although the original Persona 4 Arena on Xbox 360 was backwards compatible, its Ultimate Extended Edition remained outside the final roster. On PlayStation 3 we have no compatibility and tampoco is available in the PS Now service. The game in hand, that is to say, it seems that the effort to translate the experience into reality was right and necessary.

Let’s start with the positives: P4AU continues to be a fantastic 2D wrestling game. Arc System Works might have limited resources to meet the minimum for this spin off but it left us with a game on par with the best of Blazblue, translating characteristics from the Persona saga into techniques that added tactics to combat. For example, their own People appear in the most powerful attacks but if the opponent is used in the future, they can strike and, after several hits, disable the opponent’s most powerful techniques. If you are interested in more detailed information, we have the in-depth review of Person 4 Arena and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

This delivery includes both the original story of Persona 4 Arena and that of Ultimax, which continues where it leaves the story of P4 and one of its destinations with those of the SEES team of P3. Without being a marvel, the Arena was graceful and allowed to reconnect with the characters of the RPGs. In Ultimax more derivatives are noted and the characters end up having caricatures of themselves. The great novelty in this regard is that the publisher has posted the translation of all the texts in Spanish, including the two campaigns.

Both in this area and in the rest of the way for a player, the experience is ideal. It is an in-depth title, which we can play with autocombs but which also provides us with distractions to learn the unique resources of each person, although today we are going to interrogate the missing tutorials to learn how to deal with certain situations and not just to control each PC. We can enjoy its excellent combat in story, arcade, attack score and also in the equivalent of a game of mazmorras with 1v1 combat (Golden Arena), so if you want to play without an internet connection, the offer is wide and interesting. The big elephant in the room is, of course, the online mode.

Publish the game without backtrack in 2022 is inexplicable, especially when Arc System Works takes months to update other titles in its catalog with this network code this should be standard in any novelty in wrestling games. Atlus has promised it will arrive this summer on both of the three platforms (PC and PS4, but not Switch), although it has a tan title moniker including for its own genre, it will probably be a little late. El network code currently it is functional and can play games without major problems, but after trying other titles it is difficult not to notice a high lag in some inputs. This results, for example, in air strikes or combos that do not end up engulfing. Without restriction, the system of lobbies this giveaway continues to be archaic, practically touching nothing compared to the 2014 original. matchmaking competitive.

The Persona 4 Arena Ultimax relaunch seems like a missed opportunity to bet on the scene of a title that has arrived to be on the main EVO platform, in addition to offering some of the most fun tournaments to pass. competitions parallel to the tournament. I think the terms were right to expand its user base, but it seems consistent with whether fans of the original would like to be able to play it on current platforms or appeal as much to fans new to RPGs. The virtues of his fight remain intact, but in a more cautious environment could have come out better.


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