Perfect World reduces Motiga’s personality

The giant developer will be left with a handful of workers

There were very clear rumors that something was going wrong with Motiga, the developer of MOBA Gigantic, that several of its employees were laid off via Twitter, making it clear that they were no longer working in the company.

Now the rumors are back to reality and Chris Chung, CEO of Motiga, has officially confirmed that he has produced a number of releases with the company. According to Chung, Gigantic will be left with few employees. «In all effects, Motiga no longer existsnow that the game has simply not been profitable ».

“It was a tax decision at a higher level. Perfect World has some financial goals and they decided to expose some parts of their business that were not profitable, ”said the CEO.

“Gigantic will leave in the hands of an integrated maintenance team consisting of a few dedicated people in Motiga. It is a fantastic group of people who will work on the game until it makes no sense to continue.”

In summary, Gigantic did not get enough revenue and therefore it will close. The company’s founder wanted to refine his statements, adding that “it happened at a vulnerable time” and that it is possible that he did not have all the data on the decision.


Later, Perfect World was to provide explanations on this subject, as well as the closure of the Runic Games office in Seattle. And he tells us the following;

Following the news that Motiga has reduced the staff at its studio, Perfect World Entertainment can confirm that the game as editor of Gigantic will continue to be available on our platforms. A central team of developers will remain in Motiga, who will work with us to support the game and its players, which will include upgrading all machines with the next November update and new content. We can not thank everyone enough for their contribution to making Gigantic the unique experience it is today.

Perfect World Entertainment recently closed Runic Games’ Seattle office as part of the company’s ongoing strategy to focus on online gaming as a service. We thank the team for all their hard work in creating amazing experiences like Torchlight, Torchlight II and Hob. Runic Games will continue to be part of Perfect World Entertainment’s students, and its games will continue to be available to players as we maintain our commitment to support and develop Runic Games’ French favorites.

The personal reduction in Motiga and the closure of Runic Games are not related. Perfect World Entertainment promises to offer our players the best experiences in their MMO games.

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The difference between the 2 statements is remarkable, one with a request to understand that Motiga practically no longer exists because it is not profitable, and the other clearly states that the releases will not affect the operation of the games that already announced, but not to say that Motiga may never come back to develop a game again.

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