[People’s worst]General players involved in illegal money-making “Lacto-rigging” in “Splatoon 3” are bullied and fueled…

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[Sad news]”Splatoon 3″ There are too many kids, and “cheating” is proudly introduced as “money policy” and becomes popular

from Twitter

I was a victim of lacto-rigging.
I felt really bad…
One of them shoots at me and teases me all the time.
It doesn’t change what you do with bullying. . .


this is terrible

A scene like the end of the world

Lacto bid rigging To be honest, I thought it didn’t matter, but I didn’t think there would be any harm involving the strays. . .
I hope you get banned.

This goes beyond malicious play, far from causing trouble to other players…
I think I agree that it’s really bad behavior.

I want you to ban lacto rigging…

Seriously Splatoon 3 fucking game

The management side will be able to decide whether all the lactos are strays or acquaintances, and if the bottle is also agitated and squid, it can’t be helped if they think it’s a friend.

It’s a weapon that is easy to use personally, so I’m sad that people will hate me just by having it…

If this kind of thing happens a lot, people will hate me for just using Racto…
Please stop…

It’s not going to go away.
Who’s the guy who said there was no provocation in Splatoon 3?

The era of Smash Bros. X’s friendly lynching will be repeated

If you’re going to do lacto rigging, I think you should at least do it offline with your relatives’ agreement.
Don’t do it online where strangers come

↑ That doesn’t make any sense…
They just want to make money, so they’re telling me to do a salmon run every day.

If even one person is injured, they are all guilty.

I was surprised to see an idiot claiming this wasn’t a bid rigging in the reply column.

Even though it’s a game with some stray players, they’ve done collusion, and on top of that, they’ve done things like aiming and inciting them!
Do you not know the common sense of online games that you shouldn’t cause trouble to unrelated players who are playing normally? ?
Yaruo White Eyes Anger Don

Well, I guess it’s the kids…
I would be worried if an adult did something like this.
Husband who doesn't do it, arms folded, sweat

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