People Playground – How to get three secret achievements

To get 3 of the secret achievements you need to create 3 “machines”. In this guide I will show you how to do it.

Guide to three secret achievements

Faraday malfunction

Start with the easiest, for this you need to go to the map “Tower” and go to this place.

Then use a metal rod and a slicer.

You need to attach the metal bar to the top of the disc (do it in pause mode) and then attach the bar with a fixed cable and wire to the disc, as in this picture.

Then the post should look like it should be charged and the slicer should produce a series of balls (if this does not happen, I intend to place the slicer in the lower part of the lock) and while the dishwasher is urgent, it should get the chance.

Reverse telecommunications

For this achievement you can do it on any card with floor.

First you need 3 mirrors, a laser, a rotor and a dimming box.

Then you have to ask them like that. (Note: you can not release any of the elements in place, otherwise it will not work, use a fixed cable).

Then adjust the rotor speed to -8000. (if you do not know how, right-click on the lower part of the rotor and it will appear in the options).

Then activate the rotor and the weld and should create an extra light in the floor.

You have to wait until a giant revolution pops up on the floor and you get the chance. (if you want to keep the revolver, it will generate a normal revolver instead of the big one).

Unexplored territory

This monster is called “Gate Former”.

It needs an I-wig, 2 small I-wires, 2 generators, 2 mobility fields and 2 tesla coils.

Gather the 2 wires in I small on each side of the wiga in I and connect them with a fixed cable.

Then draw the generators and tesla coils as in the picture, connect the generators to the small wires in I and the lower part of the tesla coil to the generators and the upper part to the viga in I.

Then the immobility fields are in the middle of the steel coils.

Then connect the generator cables to the mobility fields and the steel coil.

Activate everything and the steel tubes should start to create a light in the middle.

Then the machine will explode and a portal will appear (I recommend zooming in with the camera on the portal to make sure it works).

It’s too dark to turn on a light, you should get the chance here.

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