Pearl Abyss will be hosting two conferences at the 2018 Game Developers Conference

For the first time since the launch in 2015 of the exciting MMORPG Black Desert Online, Pearl abyss will bring its development team to the Game Developers Conference (GDC), in San Francisco, to share their experiences with game development.

Black Desert Online is known for having great graphics, a huge open world and an audio band that completes this absorbing world. This is the first time that Pearl Abyss has got the public to talk about the game’s proprietary engine used to develop its game, and in addition presents the genius of the music behind the soundtrack.

On March 23, Pearl Abyss will have two sessions in the 2009 West Hall room at GDC. The first speaker will be the audio director Black desert, Hwiman Ryu. Ryu has been on the Pearl Abyss team since the beginning of the project Black desert; has been filled with music and sound from the game. Ryu is one of the most popular sound instructors in the Korean video game industry. Its fans know it as “Croove”, and among its previous work, the classic games DJMax and EZ2DJ stand out, which put it on the industry map. Right now he is working on the remastering of the soundtrack Black desert MIDI among renowned orchestras from all over Europe.

Instead, it will reveal some of the successes and shortcomings encountered during the project, making hincapié in the composition, disposition and use of the audiotape. Black desert. Ryu will explain how music is used for the open world video game and the steps it takes to achieve the final result: selection, planning and production. Finally, he will talk about his experiences with recording the remastering of Black Desert sound and how to use the orchestras’ recording costs effectively without wasting resources.

Location and time of the charla:
March 23, Friday | 10:00 – 11:00
Local 2009, Vestsalen

The other will provide two members of the team working on the game engine. Dongwook Ha is one of the main programmers currently working at Pearl Abyss. Dongwook Ha has been working with the Pearl Abyss team for 7 years and developed a multi-platform graphics engine. His work on the project of Black desert has been an important contribution to the success of the game. Gwanghyeon Go is a software engineer who is also part of the engine team at Pearl Abyss, where he works with real-time rendering and graphics engine architecture. Prior to joining the company, he worked for NHN Games and Webzen.

The two sessions will share secrets about their success and experience with the game’s graphics engine in the development phase. Here we will talk about various techniques that have been implemented to solve some of the problems encountered during the development. They will also discuss the efforts they have made to create various resources such as land, staff, etc. with a small work team. It will also explain how to optimize a massive world full of life that has an infinite number of characters, how to organize the memory, the rendering techniques used in the process, and why they used these methods to Black Desert online.

Location and time of the charla:
March 23, Friday | 13:30 – 14:30
Local 2009, Vestsalen

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